Projecting and design

Stages and advantages of partnership

1. Formation of a quotation:

  • selection of materials in accordance with an architectural concept of an object
  • provision of preliminary calculation

2. Express calculation:

  • provision of preliminary cost on the basis of plans, facades and cuts

3. 3-D modeling


4. Performance of a working facade project in accordance with the requirements of supervision authorities:

  • object visualization, offer of coloristic variants with reference to ensemble building criteria, general urban plan and object functionality;
  • facing materials layout;
  • metal frames layout;
  • construction solution of connections;
  • determination of temperature jumps and places of fire-protection isolator installation;
  • optimization of use of volumes of SFS substructure elements;
  • optimization of facing materials layout according to an architectural concept and technological parameters of enclosing structures and facade geometry;
  • calculation of specification with indication of every system element;
  • calculation of total estimated cost of a facade.

5. Project monitoring in expert bodies:

  • provision of a set of technical documents
  • consulting, introduction of necessary amendments before the final stage of project approval in expert bodies

6. Architectural supervision:

  • regular site visiting by experts in order to provide control of assembling quality in accordance with a design approach
  • introduction of amendments to working documentation
  • architectural supervision records
  • transfer of a working project with respect to all changes introduced on installation stage
  • keeping of the project during 10 years.